As the events of the past few weeks have unfolded, Tri Delta’s Executive Board has taken the time to listen and learn about the complex issues surrounding racism – in society at large, in higher education and within our own organization.

This work has resulted in the development of a comprehensive action plan designed to address systematic racism. The plan is called LEADDD Now and is built on three pillars:

BRAVE – Activities designed to identify and dismantle systemic racism
BOLD – Programs and efforts to promote education, understanding and healing among our sisters
KIND – Tools and resources to equip our members in the fight for equality and justice

This plan, as it's published, is a working document. It will be further informed by an organization-wide audit, anchored in education and training and supported by a national volunteer structure. 

In order to demonstrate our commitment to this work, the 2018-20 Executive Board and slated 2020-22 Executive Board Director Susan Woda will introduce the LEADDD Now Business Resolution at Convention 2020 on July 11. 


The Executive Board and the LDC have proposed two new amendments to the Fraternity Bylaws that will change the composition of the Executive Board from a President and four directors to a President and up to six directors. If approved by the Convention, this would be effective August 1, 2020, and would create two immediate vacancies on the Executive Board. These vacancies will be filled by the LDC, as outlined in our current Bylaws.

Based on all we’ve learned over the past few weeks, and with the goal of building on Tri Delta’s long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Board and LDC feel now is the time to add the valuable perspectives of our Black, Indigenous and/or Sisters of Color at the Executive Board level. To this end, the Executive Board has charged the LDC to focus on filling the Executive Board vacancies with Sisters of Color.

If you are interested in board service or know someone who might be, there are two ways to raise your hand and make that known. First, use this link to self-refer or to refer a sister to the Leadership Development Committee. And, if you or someone you know is interested in volunteering for Tri Delta, update your volunteer profile here.

This is a decision we feel the organization and our members are more than ready for. We say this with humility and with the acknowledgement that our efforts on the diversity and inclusion front have not come far enough or fast enough. Through LEADDD Now, and with your support, we plan to change that.

We look forward to answering your questions at