Tips to make HD Conference Online Work for You!

A great training starts before you login! Review the training schedule, ensure you have printed any handouts and familiarize yourself with the topics.

Finding the right environment for training is essential for great learning. 

  • Pick an environment that is quiet and has minimal distractions.
  • Find an area where you are physically comfortable, can see your screen clearly and have your laptop propped up if you plan to use your webcam.
  • Use a comfortable pair of headphones with a mic so you can control your sound.

Six top tips for during the training: 

1. Be Timely! Get your snacks and drinks ready by your desk and log in early (we suggest 10-15 minutes). This gives you the chance to identify any technical issues with your setup before the class starts, and gives you the chance to engage with the team before everyone else arrives. Meeting the team early will help you build a rapport and make you feel more comfortable about participating throughout the rest of the conference. 
2. Close your email and other distractions. It is hard to step away from our tools while we are on our computers.  Please close your email and set your phone to silent.  This will allow you to focus on the course.
3. Use a webcam. This will help the team keep an eye on how each training is going, give non-verbal cues so we can ensure we are meeting your needs, and give you a chance to build greater rapport with the team!
4. Participate! Involvement is vital to getting the most out of any training. This is especially true in the virtual environment. It improves the experience for everybody when you have an active voice.
5. Virtually “put your hand up” for ANY issues. Tell the team, as soon as possible, if a concept is unclear or if something is not working from a technical perspective. You're not going to get the most out of the class if you can't see or hear something important or if an idea is still just beyond your grasp.  If you have a question or problem – your peers probably do as well.  Be brave, speak up! 
5. Maintain your focus. Don't worry, you won't be expected to log in and then sit still for the next eight hours. There will be scheduled breaks and lunch. So during the training time, be sure to stay engaged by making notes and asking questions




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