New Hire Mentoring Program
This session will launch Tri Delta’s new mentorship program for house directors. This new initiative will educate new hires, introduce mentors and mentees, and begin relationship building.

Selling the Tri Delta Experience (90 minutes)
Selling the Tri Delta experience is an invaluable asset that house directors do daily on behalf of the organization. House directors will learn ways to build and maintain a strong brand, learn how to steer conversations others have about Tri Delta and more importantly, how best to pitch themselves to stakeholders by building a compelling personal statement.

Tri Delta’s New Collegiate Officer Structure (60 minutes)
The relationship between a house director and collegiate chapter leadership team is one of the most important working relationships within the local stakeholder group. In this session, participants will learn why Tri Delta changed their officer structure, review the new collegiate officer structure and identify which officers will serve as key collaborators with house directors.

Diversity & Inclusion (90 minutes)
In this session, house directors will hear about Tri Delta’s commitment to create an equitable and inclusive lifetime membership experience by learning what Tri Delta is doing within the organization to identify and dismantle systemic racism; promote education, understanding and healing; and fight for equality and justice. House directors will learn how they play a role in creating a safe and inclusive environment in each Tri Delta home. Everyone comes from varying backgrounds and cultures. From the age of three, implicit biases are learned and may be fueled by stereotypes perpetuated by media, beliefs passed down by parents, peers and others. All people carry bias with them. In this session, house directors will learn about implicit bias, how to recognize one’s own bias, and how to move past bias through action.

Something’s Fishy (60 minutes)
Being able to identify the root cause of a situation can be challenging. In this session, house directors will be taught how to utilize a cause-and-effect tool that helps to track down the reasons for imperfections, variations, defects or failures that may impact the infrastructure or operations of a facility.

Facility Agility: Emergency Preparedness | Facility & People (180 minutes)
No one Tri Delta facility is alike but a commonality among all is the priority of providing a safe environment for all stakeholders. In this session, house directors will explore the meaning of facility agility during the time of crisis, review Tri Delta Housing’s customizable emergency preparedness template and gain knowledge about how to anticipate, act and adapt through crisis.

Loved by All, Respected by Many: 3 Tried and True Strategies to Keep You United in Partnership with Your Stakeholders (60 minutes)
It is true, house directors do not wait for things to happen, they make things happen! This session is designed to share and analyze the unique communication strategies Arlena Jackson has used to keep stakeholders informed while navigating the great, good and the not so great. Let us face it, it takes a special kind of courageous woman to be trusted with the keys to a beautiful mansion… AND keep it, and its members afloat

House directors should brace themselves; they are in for a ride that will fast track a house director career while putting the brakes quickly on any challenges that could hinder it. Whether a beginner or experienced, house directors will be entertained, motivated and confident in their abilities to take their stakeholder partnerships and collaborations to the next level. Get ready, stakeholder management here we come!

Being Aware of Kitchen Management Pitfalls (60 minutes)
There is far more to meal service than just cooking and serving food. During this session, house directors will review how to identify potential pitfalls that impact properly closing for extended periods, employee safety and third-party service providers.

Giving & Receiving Feedback (60 minutes)
One of the most important skills to learn is how to give and receive feedback effectively. A large part of working with individuals is giving feedback to someone, so they clearly understand how well they are doing or where they need improvement. On the flip side, being open to thoughtful feedback helps an individual grow both personally and professionally. It is a gift that people who care about an individual’s personal and professional success can provide. However, feedback is only effective if an individual is approachable and allows the giver to feel comfortable when delivering feedback. In this session, participants will learn the skills and strategies necessary to improve how to deliver effective feedback and position oneself to be open to receiving feedback.

Managing Vendor Documentation (60 minutes)
Vendors are a big part of managing a successful chapter facility. Maybe your list is endless, or maybe you have a simple list of a few preferred vendors. In this session we will discuss tips and trick for organizing vendors, communicating with vendors, and walk through some scenarios that might happen, and who to call.

Elevating Stakeholder Collaboration (60 minutes)
In this optional session participants will explore who and how they communicate with their stakeholder groups, determine if it is time for a collaboration facelift and learn about some the most popular free online communication/collaboration platforms.

Interior Design 101 (60 minutes)
In this optional session, participants will learn the practice of designing spaces within the Tri Delta Facility to create a more functional, accessible and aesthetically pleasing environment while navigating the balance between the wish list of the chapter leaders and volunteers. The goal is to improve members’ lives through providing a premier experience in the Tri Delta facility.

Navigating Paycom (60 minutes)
All Tri Delta employees should know the basic functions in Paycom that allow access to their own information, information about employees they manage, and to effectively participate in training and development offered through the platform. In this 60-minute session, you will have the chance to meet Tri Delta's Paycom representative who will walk you through understanding the parts of Paycom that you will use every day in your role.