Ross Szabo

Ross Szabo is the Wellness Director at Geffen Academy at UCLA.  A social innovator who pioneered the youth mental health movement, Ross is also an award-winning speaker, author and the CEO of Human Power Project, a company that designs mental health curriculum.

Ross turned a diagnosis of bipolar disorder with anger control problems and psychotic features at age 16, into an opportunity to educate others. His natural ability to make mental health approachable for large groups of people has led to countless media appearances and spoken to more than 2 million people about the importance of mental health and provided a positive example to empower them to seek help.

Ross is the co-author of Behind Happy Faces; Taking Charge of Your Mental Health and a blogger for The Huffington Post.His tremendous efforts in the mental health field have led to him receiving the 2010 Didi Hirsch Removing the Stigma Leadership Award, 2012 Changing Minds Award and his advocacy work was entered into the Congressional Record by Congressman Patrick Kennedy. 

Human Power Project’s first curriculum titled, Behind Happy Faces, is being utilized by over 200,000 students at top private schools, public school districts and was featured at Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Retreat.

Stacy Nadeau, Creighton

In the summer of 2005, six women made national news when they appeared on a Times Square billboard, dressed only in their underwear. While other nearby billboards featured actresses and supermodels, this one, promoting Dove brand products, promoted real women with real curves and the nation went wild. Dove’s mission was “to make more women feel beautiful every day by widening the stereotypical theme of beauty and by inspiring women to take great care of themselves."

Suddenly, Stacy, an industrial organizational psychology major at DePaul University, was thrust into the national spotlight. As one of the real women featured in the ad campaign, Stacy quickly emerged as a spokeswoman for healthy body image. She appeared on the Today Show, CNN, Ellen, Dr. Phil, Tyra and Oprah (twice).

Since then, Stacy has committed her life and career to helping women feel great about themselves. Stacy lives in Chicago, Illinois, with her family. She works fulltime as a speaker, consultant and coach to empower women everywhere. 

Dr. Mari Ann Callais

Dr. Mari Ann Callais worked on college campuses for 16 years and most recently served as an assistant professor at Mississippi State University. Professionally, she is the Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives for Tri Delta and a speaker for The Catalyst Agency. She has also held the position of NPC Delegate and national president for her sorority, Theta Phi Alpha. Mari Ann has presented to hundreds of thousands of students on more than 650 campuses on fraternity and sorority values, student leadership and team building.  

Mari Ann holds an undergraduate degree in political science from Loyola University New Orleans, and a Master of Education and a doctorate in educational leadership and research from Louisiana State University.  

She has been presented several awards through the years from Sigma Sigma Sigma, Theta Chi, Alpha Sigma Tau, Phi Sigma Sigma, the Southeastern Interfraternity Conference, the Fraternity Communications Association’s Varner Award, the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Distinguished Service Award, the National Diversity Council’s 2011 Most Influential and Powerful Women in Louisiana Award and the highest award that Theta Phi Alpha bestows on a member, The Guard of Honor. Most recently, Mari Ann was recognized by the North American Interfraternity Conference with a Silver Medal for her notable work serving the fraternal industry. 


Wynter Daggs, California/Berkeley 

Wynter is a senior at UC Berkeley double majoring in Social Welfare and African American Studies. She recently took her Law School Admissions Test and after getting a year’s worth of work experience, she plans on going to law school to eventually practice civil rights law. Last summer, she attended both the Tri Delta’s Convention and the St. Jude Tri Delta Celebration in Memphis. She serves on Tri Delta’s Collegiate Advisory Panel and at school, Wynter works for the athletic facilities, mentors through a university program called Sage, and is a member of the Black Student Union on campus.

Amaris Gonzalez, Syracuse

Amaris serves as the collegiate chapter president of the Omicron Chapter at Syracuse University. Prior to her current position, she served as the director of risk and wellness management, scholarship chairwoman of the Junior Panhellenic Council, a member of the Selection Committee, and a nominee for the Sarah Ida Shaw Award. Outside of Tri Delta, Amaris has been a Resident Advisor for the Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Learning Community (CIE LC) for two years. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, watching movies, and painting or drawing.


Aly Luckett, William & Mary

Aly is a junior at the College of William & Mary studying government and public health. She just finished her term as Alpha Mu chapter's vice president of chapter development and is currently in D.C. interning at the US International Trade Commission. She has served on William & Mary's Committee for Prevention of Sexual Assault and Harassment's Subcommittee for Prevention Education & Advocacy as well as the Fraternity/Sorority Sexual Misconduct Prevention Steering Committee. Aly currently serves on Tri Delta’s Collegiate Advisory Panel and is also a member of William & Mary's Undergraduate Student Conduct Council. In her free time, you can find her reading The Atlantic or catching up on MasterChef.

Michaela Johnson, Stockton

Michaela Johnson is a senior at Stockton University, in Galloway NJ. As a member of the Gamma Omega chapter she has served as vice president of membership, vice president of administration and is currently a member of Tri Delta’s Collegiate Advisory Panel. As a hospitality and tourism management major, she serves on the School of Business Advisory Board and as the 2018 Commencement Event Intern in the Office of the Provost. Michaela is currently a student scheduler in the Office of Event Services. This past summer she interned at ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the New York City field office. After graduation she aspires to enter the fundraising and development field to further her passion for philanthropy.

London Moore, Oklahoma

London is a junior at The University of Oklahoma studying public relations and non-profit organizational studies. She serves as the collegiate chapter president of the Theta Gamma Chapter. She is also an intern for the Norman Economic Development coalition, a mentor for OU's President's Community Scholars and facilitates leadership development activities through OU's peer Leadership and Education (LEAD) Team. After a recent racist incident in her chapter, London navigated a crisis-level national news cycle, created a dialogue between chapter members to promote cultural understanding and worked to build relationships between Theta Gamma and marginalized communities at the university. 

Collegiate Chapter President 

As an officer in your chapter, your sisters have chosen you to represent and guide Tri Delta during the course of your term. They have entrusted you with the responsibility of making the organization strong and collaborating with fellow officers to ensure your chapter will soar to new heights. This educational track is designed to provide you with an opportunity for the development of leadership skills, application of skills, training and more personal conversations with your peers. Throughout the weekend, you will create your Tri Delta story, identify ways to serve as a brand ambassador for Tri Delta and formulate ideas to invest in yourself as a leader. The track will continue with powerful conversations about leadership topics relevant to today’s college woman such as the impostor syndrome and investing in other women. The track will conclude with the development of a personal action plan.

As an officer on the membership selection committee, you have the opportunity to help build a strong foundation for potential new members as you share Tri Delta’s passion for serving others, our commitment to becoming the best versions of ourselves and our dedication to developing brave, bold and kind women. Through recruitment and membership selection, members make a commitment to strengthening the organization and spreading Tri Delta’s influence abroad to individuals and communities across North America. Throughout this track, you will examine why it is important for chapters to achieve and maintain chapter Total. You will explore resources available to achieve Total and examine the processes available to be utilized when the chapter falls below Total. Additionally, you will identify how to engage members in chapter recruitment and retention efforts.
Risk Reduction 

During the risk reduction track, you will explore the “what,” “why” and “how” for risk reduction. You will take a deep dive into key resources to support your officer role, including: Tri Delta’s Risk Reduction Philosophy, Risk Reduction Strategy and the Prevention Plan. This track includes time for you to work with your peers and brainstorm ideas for risk reduction. You will have the opportunity to work in small groups to analyze common high-risk activities that occur in your chapters and identify ways to reduce these risks. Finally, you will create an action plan to reduce risk and make a positive impact on your chapter during your officer term.
Chapter Operations & Finance

Chapter finance is the foundation of strong, healthy Tri Delta chapters. Throughout this track, you will learn about your role, Tri Delta Policies and the importance of adjusting your chapter’s budget every term. As you prepare for the Vault transition, you will identify a list of tasks that will need to be completed during the spring term. The track will conclude with the development of a personal action plan.

This track is designed to assist you as you navigate through your leadership journey in Tri Delta. During this track, you will discover what philanthropy in Tri Delta means, and identify ways to cultivate a sense of passionate service and a culture of giving within your chapter as you support the work of the Tri Delta Foundation, alumnae philanthropic initiatives and your fundraising and awareness efforts for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.