Updated March 20, 2020 

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Whom should I notify if my college/ university takes preventative action? 

  • Continue to notify your AA and CDO and report any important updates via the incident response form.

What essential chapter business for those chapters impacted by the college/ university actions listed above. 

Due to new guidelines recommended by the Federal government to limit gathering to under 10 people Tri Delta is recommending that all chapter operations move to a virtual environment. Your AA, CDO and FS will be able assist you with navigating the remainder of the academic year virtually, as well as help you assess your chapter calendar to identify events that can take place virtually or need to be canceled or rescheduled next Fall. In many cases only essential chapter business needs to be completed this academic year.

Essential chapter business for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year includes:

  • Move all current new members to initiated status in TriConnect, regardless of ability to hold an in-person Initiation ceremony (all Initiation and badge fees should still be paid by new members this fiscal year).
  • Conduct virtual discussions with chapter officers and your FS and FAA to complete your 20202021 collegiate chapter budget.
  • Virtually discuss revisions to the collegiate chapter bylaws, as directed by collegiate chapter bylaws chair.
  • Perform Fall 2020 calendar planning with officers.
  • Continue to process chapter invoices, billing and dues collection.
  • Standards/Conduct/Academic/Finance committee meetings should be held virtually with individuals if a situation needs to be addressed this academic year.
  • Fulfilling any necessary campus accreditation requirements (based on college/university guidance).
  • Conduct virtual voting for the collegiate chapter budget and collegiate chapter bylaws updates. OmegaOne has an online Question/Poll tool that can help accomplish this.
  • Chapters with live-in facilities: Conduct virtual discussions and meetings to process live-in/out requests, complete room assignments and ensure all members living in the facility for 2020-2021 return their signed their license agreement. This license agreement can be signed online through OmegaFi. 

What not essential chapter business for those chapters impacted by the college/ university actions listed above. 

  • In-person meetings, events (philanthropy, social, etc.), sisterhood experiences, Rituals, etc. All in-person gatherings should be canceled immediately in accordance with the above specific guidelines. If your chapter has a BodyImage3D or AAUW Start Smart workshop planned, please contact your workshop facilitator and communicate the cancelation in advance. If you have questions or need your facilitator contact information, email or
  • Standards/Conduct committee meetings that are not time sensitive (see reference above) can be postponed until the college/university reopens, classes resume in-person, and meetings can be held in-person; however, we also recommend holding meetings virtually throughout this time. 
  • In-person new member education - all new member education should be postponed until campus activities resume. In the meantime, new members are encouraged to continue guiding their own learning via their new member journal. We also encourage sponsors and small groups to continue fostering relationships by connecting through text and Facetime. Once campus activities resume, please work with your volunteer team to create a modified calendar to continue the New Member Education Program modules.
  • Initiation ceremonies - all new members should be reported as initiated in TriConnect and all in-person Initiation Rituals should be postponed until campus activity resumes.   

What if our college/ university has canceled activities through the remainder of the academic year? 

  • Chapters can conduct essential chapter business virtually, with the assistance of their AA and CDO. 

How should we conduct chapter business virtually? 

  • You can meet weekly via a free virtual conference platform to do things like plan your fall 2020 calendar.
  • You can communicate via email.
  • We encourage leadership and officer teams to continue meeting virtually until campus activity resumes. 
  • Chapter votes can be done through online tools like Survey Monkey or the Question/Poll tool on OmegaOne.
  • We encourage a bi-weekly all officer meeting to ensure active engagement for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year.

What should we do about chapter dues and fees if activities are canceled due to COVID-19? 

  • Guidance on refunds to members has been communicated to your Financial Specialist. She will work the collegiate chapter officer and volunteers on this process. Collegiate chapters may consider refunds to individuals for a portion of chapter dues only. Prior to any refunds being issued the chapter must work with their financial specialist to determine the amount. The chapter may incur cancellation fees, loss of deposits and other financial obligations that must be considered before any refunds are issued. The chapter may also consider issuing members returning in the fall a credit toward dues next year versus refunds. The chapter may not refund any Fraternity dues and fees.

We have members returning from study abroad or other international travel. What should we do? 

  • Members returning from study abroad or other international travel should follow guidance from the college/university regarding returning to campus. Members may not use Tri Delta facilities to self quarantine. A 14-day self-isolation period is recommended by health officials for anyone returning from international travel. 

We currently have new members participating in the new member orientation process. OUr college/ university just suspended all campus activity so we cannot hold Initiation. What should we do? 

  • All new members should be reported as initiated on TriConnect and all new member in-person education should conclude immediately. New members are encouraged to continue guiding their own learning via their new member journal. 
  • Additionally, no Initiation ceremony should occur while campus activities are suspended. A formal Initiation ceremony should be postponed until either campus activity resumes or the fall 2020 academic term begins.

What if my chapter had events planned for the remainder of the spring 2020 term? 

  • We encourage you to reach out to any venues or vendors you are currently working with to see if deposits or funds can be transferred to a future date TBD. Many companies, venues and organizations are showing flexibility with rescheduling at this time due to the spread of COVID-19. We encourage you to be honest with any venues or vendors you are currently contractually obligated to, explain the situation in terms of college/university action and Tri Delta guidelines tied to it, and negotiate adjustments to be determined once clarity is reached regarding the future of this evolving situation.  

My chapter has a house, suite, residence hall floor or lodge. What should I do? 

  • As of Tuesday, March 17 we are recommending all Tri Delta members who currently reside in a Tri Delta chapter house return to their permanent homes within the next 24-48 hours. Most Tri Delta facilities have closed or are planning to close until further notice. Guidance has been provided to local house corporations, house directors, chapter members and volunteers. For case by case situations and plans, please contact

What if a member can't afford or is unable to return to their permanent home? 

  • If a sister is facing a financial hardship due to unexpected travel or displacement as a result of the COVID-19 response, they are eligible to apply for a Collegiate Crescent Fund COVID-19 Emergency Travel Grant from Tri Delta’s Foundation.

  • We also understand that the barriers to returning to your permanent home may not be financial.  If you or one of your sisters is facing a difficult circumstance in return to your/her permanent home, please contact Tri Delta’s executive office for assistance:

What should we do now? 

  • Refer to this chart regarding "if, then" scenarios based on college/university action.
  • Begin conducting essential chapter business virtually.
  • Utilize these guidelines until further notice is provided by Executive Office or your college/university.
  • Use the incident response form to report any changes or updates to your chapter or school’s situation. 


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